SAPIENCE GALACTICA is a generic Sci FI universe using the FUZIONtm system.  The game is designed to create an open world that any GM can import their Sci FI twists and elements as they see fit. 

I have been heavily inspired and influenced by:

The Writings of Anne McCaffery, Julian May, Timothy Zahn and Larry NIven

TV shows Star Trek, Babylon 5, Firefly, The Expanse, Dark Matter and many more

Movies like Alien, Predator, Dune, Wing Commander, Riddick Trilogy, Forbidden Planet, Avatar, Fifth Element, and a million others. Note that Star Wars is not on this list, while undoubtedly it is an influence, this game is designed NOT to be Star Wars, another great gaming passion of mine. 

Games like Freelancer, Star Craft, EVE Online, and dozens of others there too.