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2025 First moon colony is set up.

2030 First manned landing on Mars.

2042 Launched from the moon, the first Mars colony is landed.

2065 A Somni scout ship crashes in downtown Stockholm. Alien stories are revived as true. No Government is able to deny the proof. The ship is so badly damaged nothing is gained from the wreck except the theories on new technology. Only one of the crew survives the crash. Public outcry keeps him safe and alive. Arim Nolis teaches us about his technology in an effort to get home. He dies from the attack of a paranoid terrorist, fearing the aliens and opposing the new world government.

2097 It is decided to officially recognize the effective planet wide government of the UN. EarthGov is formed. The main policy s to reach out into space and find the aliens. After ten years of war and terrorism, intercontinental war vanishes, the space program becomes human kinds single greatest enterprise.

2113 Space stations are built around Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

2142 Heavy Worlders find Voyager.

2143 Heavy Worlders are poised at the rim of earths system ready to invade.

2143 March 6, Original Humans, the Fraal sent on behalf of the SSG land outside Alice Springs Australia. Next to Earths biggest space launch facility. Mankind enters the Galactic age. The calendar is stopped and restarted. Time is now 0 Post Contact (PC). All previous time is seen as Before Contact(BC).

15PC Alpha Centauri becomes earths first Inter-solar Colony.

25PC Earth is admitted into the SSG, under the guide of the other humans. We are now known as Terrans from the Sol System.

29PC Terrans Using tech from the Human Coalition build their first jump capable ship and first starfighter. Earth is now fully space capable.

36PC Earth secedes from the Human Coalition and forges its own place in the SSG. There is a brief war over disputed territories. For the first time in history, the conflict is over by Christmas.

38PC The Babylon Project is started.

48PC Babylon Prime comes online in orbit of Proxima Centauri.

51 to 63 PC Babylons 2 through 7 come online ringing Earth Space.

Now It is the year 71 PC, or 2214 by the old reckoning. Earth is a PL7 world.

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